Jumpin jack flash game

jumpin jack flash game

Online ZX Spectrum emulator. You can play games here, load your own programs, and save snapshots. | F9 – menu | F11 – full screen | Ins – games. Jumping Jack, Make Jack jump over all the obstacles without hitting them. Help Jack rescue his family in the side-scrolling game Jumpin ' Jack! Download the free version, read user reviews, view screen shots, read about the game and. jumpin jack flash game

Jumpin jack flash game - einer fairen

F2 remember F3 recall F9 controls F11 full screen Pause pause Insert games FAVE GAMES Are you an existing user? Newly Added Browse Popular Games. The game begins on Crater Planet and revolves around the story of an insane astrophysicist , Baron Aloha. Emotions Love Friendship Missing You Kiss Flirt. Toshimitsu Odaira Hiroyuki Saegusa Shuji Nomaguchi. Aug 10, 8: Instructions Arrow keys to move and jump. Bonus levels life fussball of blocks with balloons in them; popping the balloons yields either coins or power-ups. The Video Game Magazine. Retrieved 6 August


Jumping Jack'son - Amiga Music


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